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Nov 07, 2017

Director of ‘Kanchhi Matyang Tyang‘ Puran Thapa is directing a movie Pheri Pheri . Actress Richa Sharma and Actor plus director Arpan Thapa’s team will be seen in ‘Pheri Pheri’ after ‘Sunkesari’ ‘Firke’. Director Puran also informed regarding the camera, Red Epic-W Helium, entranced for the first ti ...

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Trailer of new Nepal Movie "Rudra" released

Jun 16, 2017 | Nikhil Upreti's "Rudra" is one of the most awaited movie in Nepali Film Industry and its trailer has been released today. The film produced under the ...

"Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu" - Trailer released

Jun 09, 2017 | Nearly a month until its official release, the trailer of the most anticipated movie " Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu " has been released on youtube. The traile...

Premgeet 2 launches new song "Bistarai Bistarai"

Jun 08, 2017 | Another new song from the movie Premgeet 2 has been launched. However, the song is not the OST of the movie. It is one of the most popular song by Roh...

Chhaka Panja - 2 shooting in Western Nepal

Jun 06, 2017 | After the most successful movie in Nepali FIlm Industry, Chhakka Panja, Dipashri Niraula and team is back on shooting for Chhakka Panja - 2. The team ...


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