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Release Date: 30 August 2013
Run Time: 138 min
Color: -
Genre: Other
Censor Date: 25 August 2013
Certification: PG
Reel Length: NA
Language: Nepali


Hostel is a light hearten story about knowing your relationships, emotions, friendships and family values. Hostel mainly focuses on Aditya Bikra Rana who is been staying in hostels since his childhood. Story moves ahead when he reaches in his medical college’s hostel and meets his new friends Shree and Junge. Hostel carries the impact of hostel life in Aditya Bikram’s life and how he got disconnected with his own parents. He doesn’t wants to believe in relationship and human emotions. Hostel is also about bonding between three friends and why friendship became so important in Aditya Bikram’s life. With the smooth and moving story line we show the blunders of life done by Aditya Bikram in the name of fun and entertainment in his hostel life. Apart from doing so many mistakes in his life, Aditya Bikram’s ego and attitude drives him away from his friends also. Story moves ahead raising questions like, Was it a good option for his parents to drop Aditya Bikram in the Hostel at so early age? After doing so many wrongs will he get back with his friends? What role will parents play to get that missing bonding with their only child, Aditya Bikram?

Cast & Crew

Director Hemraj B.C.,  
Cast Anmol K.C.,   Shishir Bhandari,   Salon Basnet,   Gaurav Pahari,   Rista Basnet,   Simson Thapa,   Prakriti Shrestha,   Aayush Shah,   Ankit Sharma,  
Cinematography Hari Humagain,  
Story Hemraj B.C.,  
Producer Sunil Rawal,  

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