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Release Date: 08 August 2014
Run Time: 138 min
Color: -
Genre: Drama, Romantic, Social
Censor Date: 09 May 2014
Certification: UA
Reel Length: 35/70 mm
Language: Nepali


Kohinoor is a musical love story drama based on the issue of Nepali Girl Trafficking. It is an inspired story of love, dedication and remarkable bond between two characters. Everyone has the right to dream for a happy and bright future and it’s their aim to make it come true. Kohinoor, a character of this movie, is traded in a brothel of Mumbai City and the other character Abhishek reaches Mumbai for his business propose. Movie Kohinoor is all about the ups and downs of these two characters and their struggle against the odds of the society. Kohinoor gives a message that wrong perception can never overcome the truth.

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