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बिर्खेलाई चिन्छस्

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In the recent lot of Nepali movies, Birkhe Lai Chinchas had shown some promise in its theatrical trailer but I am very sorry to say that it was not able to fulfill my expectation.


Birkhey Lai Chinchas opens to a small village nearby Kathmandu.  Birkhe (Subash Thapa) is a cute character, which you will love at first sight. He is an innocent village boy without any know-how. He is shown as a very gullible character that enjoys the moment, likes to help others and is the central character of anything that happens in that small village. This characterization is almost believable in the screen and Subash Thapa does his character very well.


In this village where nothing happens much, lives another main character of the movie, Juneli (Binita Khadka). The beginning part of the movie focuses in building the romance between these characters or we can say how a not so romantic Juneli turns into a loving and caring romantic partner of Birkhe. However, I find the role of Juneli as played by Binita Khadka seems unjustifying to the story and the pair not casted very well. Every other characters as shown in the village looks good.


The tranquility of the village is disturbed one day suddenly when some villain looking characters enter the screen. Audience can easily guess the turbulence. The father of Birkhe, “Rifle Baa” is suddenly abducted and killed without any particular reason by so called “Aatankabaadi”. This brings a sudden change in the pace of the movie but it doesn't last longer.  Birkhe suddenly changes to a bit silent mode and mourns the death of his father. At that moment, one could easily be fooled, as it is made to believe this sequence as the part of the central story but believe me guys, there is no central story in this film and it is just a small sequence, which only adds a certain time to the film.


After the death of the father, one day, the mother of Birkhe decides suddenly to send his son to City (Kathmandu). This brings a polar shift in the story. Now, the backdrop of the story changes from greenery of village to polluted city. Although, I am feeling odd, but I have to tell you guys that the frequency of these short sequences without any real story goes even higher in the city. Again, the screen is suddenly occupied by a serious discussion by some foreign people. They are deciding to rescue a city by providing some donation, which does not look convincing. They decide upon a name “Merina”(Ayusha Rai), who happen to be an NRN. Now, Merina is shown as a tourist with a mission to do some research in this city of Birkhe.


BIrkhe passes through each and every torment that this city presents in front of him. It seems as if he is on a constant adventure where every bad thing that is present in this city happens only to him but only in a sequential manner. The story looks very shallow at this point. Birkhe forms an alliance with the street children and continues in his adventure. Birkhe meets Merina during this time.  The film becomes just another typical sequence where the city strikes hard on Hero till the end.


Without disclosing any story further, I will only say that, one day Birkhe finds himself in middle of some big plot. The remaining of the film is about solving the plot and two questions.

Will Merina be able to help this city?


Will Birkhe, the common man, rise to be a hero?

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