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Born on: 01 Jan

Nepali Name: NA

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Nai Nabhannu La 5

Jaya Bhole

Chhakka Panja 2

Dui Rupaiyan

Love Love Love

Hostel Returns


Chhaka Panja - 2 shooting in Western Nepal

Jun 06, 2017 | After the most successful movie in Nepali FIlm Industry, Chhakka Panja, Dipashri Niraula and team is back on shooting f......

'Nai Nabhannu La 5' to be made; Priyanka and Dilip to lead star studded cast

Mar 14, 2018 | The ‘ Nai Nabhannu La ’ series, whose four previous installments were warmly accepted by the audience, is moving into t......