Audio Song of “Chankhe Pankhe Shankhe” Released

Actor-director Sudarshan Thapa has released audio version of a comical song from “Chankhe, Pankhe, Shankhe” on YouTube. According to Thapa, who will also don a major role  , big-- budget “Chankhe, Pankhe, Shankhe” will see its release on Janai Purnima (August 29). The movie is being produced by Santosh Sen. Along with Sudarshan Thapa, Pooja Sharma, Subash Thapa and Prem Puri are being featured in the movie.


The released audio song----about social site Facebook--- is penned by Narayan Bhandari, composed by Prakash Limbu and performed by Rupak Dotel, Bhim Limbu and Rukman Limbu. 



Here is the song

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