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Kedar Ghimire

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Born on: 01 Jan

Nepali Name: केदार घिमिरे

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Chhakka Panja 2

Chhakka Panja

Woda Number 6

Chha Ekan Chha



Chhaka Panja - 2 shooting in Western Nepal

Jun 06, 2017 | After the most successful movie in Nepali FIlm Industry, Chhakka Panja, Dipashri Niraula and team is back on shooting f......

Sudarshan Thapa shooting 'Ram Kahani' in Pokhara with an elite cast

Feb 14, 2018 | Sudarshan Thapa has started shooting of his upcoming project ‘ Ramkahani ’ with a team of who and whos of the Nepali co......


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