“Homework” on Fast-Pace Shooting

Homework, a project of Nepal’s oldest and the most prestigious banner Gopi Krishna Movies, is already under high—paced shooting in Balaju—based NFDC Studio. The highly anticipated movie of 2015 doubly features actor Aaryan Sigdel as an old schoolboy and his younger son. Directed by Nirak Poudel, “Homework” is bringing Gauri Malla and Namrata Shrestha on top roles along with Sigdel.


Nepali Movie Homework Poster Image


The storyline of the movie suggests challenges and struggle, if were judged fairly, bring success on one’s life. This is the second project of Gopi Krishna Movies on which Aaryan Sigdel is playing the lead and the first film of Sigdel that features him as an odd character.

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