Review : Nepali Movie "Soul Sister"

Nepali Movie Industry is a bit new to the "Thriller" genre. The effort from Prashant Rashaily is itself praising but the movie do not come up as expeccted. There seems to be a terrible mistake with this movie. Not everything is up to the mark. Importantly, the lack of vision from the director costs the movie. The movie is dull, boring and almost unbearable. There is a time during this movie when the audiences feel as if the interval commercials are better than the movie itself. In most cases, the narrative style of story telling is the most preferred one but in this case, this idea becomes nuisance and the audience seem to be distracted.


The first scene of the movie opens to a close shot of Namrata Shrestha. The dark background, the chilling sound give a perfect start to a thriller movie. Then, suddenly the scene changes and Namrata Shrestha begins the never ending narration of the movie. She explains how her mother died giving birth to her and she is living with her aunt ( Ravina Deshraj ). Her father had also died a few years back and how her aunt had raised her. Then comes a short cameo of Rajesh Hamal, which is very disappointing. His dialogues are not well understood. It seems as if he was used only for the trailer of the movie.


Nepali Movie Soul Sister Poster


The cinematography is a relief as the story of the movie becomes duller. The unconvincing scene where Namrata's car runs out of petrol on her way back to her father's house after her aunt decides to settle down with his boyfriend in the USA is the point from where the movie goes south. There is no retunrning back after that point. The film as it progresses is a combination of unbalanced scenes and tiresome narration. From this point, the main character "Maya" is shown as if she is experiencing some troubles in her dream. The dialogue "That's it! I am going to hotel now" proves the point. Maya is scared of living in her father's house. She goes to a hotel and after a very convincing speech from the main protagonist, Deepak Sharma, she returns to her own house.

The charade continues and the movie falls to a neverending loop of how Maya gets far from reality and experiences supernatural feelings. The loop breaks with a surprise ending which makes the audiences happy as the film has come to an end.



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