Escape to be an extended version of "The Basketball Diaries"

After the release of first trailer of the movie "Escape", one thing is sure that it is a hard hitting social drama that revolves around the story of a drug addict who is trying to prove himself. As far as the reality is concerned, our society do not accept the drug addicts. The movie however seems to try to depict a message that an addict can recover from his drug abuse and function well in this society.


The initial response after seeing the trailer of "Escape" is its resemblance to the scenes from the movie "The Basketball Diaries". We at reelnepal contacted the film unit and asked about this resemblance. The response from the unit was subtle. "The film is inspired from it, as a matter of fact it is a story that starts where the The Basketball Diaries ends", says Pradeep Khadka, who is in lead of the movie. This statement from Pradeep makes us think that the movie has something worth to present. However, its fate will be decided upon the verdict of audiences after its release.


It is a bold statement from Pradeep Khadka accepting that it is a work inspired by "The Basketball Diaries". Although, the film unit seemed confident about their endeavour, but we should realise the fact that it is Nepali Movie Industry and the audiences here will or will not be able to process such movies. However, we at reelnepal believe that we should appreciate and promote such films. It is very good to know that our movies are being inspired from Hollywood rather than Bollywood.


The Basketball Diaries itself is a masterpiece by Scott Kalvert. Anything close or inspired by such a story is worth a watch.  We are also very eager to see how the movie is made to fit in the Nepali context. Things are pretty different here in comparison to the western culture. The main point for this movie will be the justification of  the story. Will Ananta Ghimire, the director of the movie be able to hold the essence of the story? This is just a matter of time as the movie releases on Magh 23.


reelnepal team will like to congratulate the film makers and hope all the best for its success.



Check out the trailer below: 

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