Anmol KC to Play in Ye Mero Hajur Sequel

Teenage heartthrob Anmol KC is being featured in “Ye Mero Hajur 2”sequel of 1995 hit starring late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha. The project is being produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa and directed by his wife and actress Jharana Thapa. KC is recently on limelight and busy with handful of projects after release of his two high grossing movies  — “Hostel” and “Jerry”. According to Jharana Thapa, who is playing a major role in the movie, “Ye Mero Hajur 2” will be youth—centric and will get on floor from the first week of March. The movie will also feature swatantra pratap shah  and Basanta Sapkota will compose the scores.

1995 prequel of Ye Mero Hajur 2 was directed by late Shiva Regmi.


nepali movie ye mero hajur 2

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