IAFEU to hold Nepali Movie Awards in Belgium

International Artists Front Europe (IAFEU) is going to organize IAF Awards 2015 in collaboration with Belgium Nepal Friendship Association (BNFA) and International Artists Forum Nepal (IAFN) on Saturday, September 26, in Belgian town of Chaufontaine. There are 14 categories in the first installment of IAF Awards, and according to IAFN chairman Pradip Kumar Udaya, three more categories will be added next year. IAEEU is legally registered social organization in Belgium to promote Nepali culture, music, literature and cinema.


According to press meet organized on Tuesday, January 27, IAFEU is going to organize IAF Awards every year in different countries. Speaking in the program, IAFN chairman Udaya said, the profits made by Awards ceremony will be deposited in the IAF Help Fund. IAF Help Fund is going to establish the worth of ten million Nepali rupees fixed funds and the interest goes to help the artist who is really in need of help. If the interest is not flown to artist it can invest in education and health care sector. IAFEU chairman Ujjwal KC addressed the press meet from Belgium via a cell phone. The program also donated 26,000 rupees each to ailing Nepali movie technicians Santu Gurung and Mahananda Chaudhari.  


The 14 categories of IAF Awards 2015 are

1. Best Singer Male Award

2. Best Singer Female Award

3. Best Comedian Award

4. Best Villain Award

5. Best Dance Director

6. Lifetime Achievement Award

7. Special Contribution for Nepali Music Award

8. Social Contribution Award

9. Best Lyricist Award

10. Best Musician Award

11. Best Movie Award

12. Best Director Award

13. Best Actor Award

14. Best Actress Award


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