Friday Release---“Escape” and “Logne Manchhe”

Among two movies to be released on coming Friday (February 6) “Escape” got an adult certificate (A) owing to its drug scenes while “Logne Manchhe” managed to achieve a universal (U) from the censor board. After watching "Escape" and “Logne Manchhe”, censor officials praised the movies.


In Pradip Mittal—produced and Laya Sangraula—directed “Logne Manchhe”, acclaimed actor Dilip Rayamajhi has played opposite to Nandita KC. The movie completed with the concept of Uttam KC is shot by Krishna Shrestha and edited by Banish Shah. Dance and fight scenes are credited to Kabiraj Gahatraj and Roshan Shrestha. The movie is being distributed by Gopal Kayastha for valley and AFD Company for outside the valley.


PG—certified “Escape” will be watched only by above---16 audience and deals heavily with the bad impacts of drug abuse. Produced under the banner of Pradeep Media Pvt. Ltd. and directed by Ananta Ghimire, “Escape” features Pradeep Khadka and Rima Bishwokarma in dominant roles. 




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