Actor Shyam Aryal to Produce and Distribute Films

Actor and VJ Shyam Aryal has hinted of becoming a movie—producer and distributer. Aryal’s production company Mizzle Picture Production is producing two Nepali movies. Aryal has previously played praised roles in “The yug dekhi yug samma”, “I am Sorry” and “Producer”.



One of the Shyam Aryal projects will be directed by Anup Giri. The social issue—based movie will go to floor from the second week of March. Along with production, Mizzle Picture will distribute Nepali films in the Gulf region. “Kohinoor”, “November Rain” and “Stupid Mann” are the three movies to be distributed by Mizzle in the Gulf region. Mizzle will screen “Kohinoor” in Dubai on February 13. Mizzle is also preparing for Nepali movie screenings in Japan, Australia, Qatar and Hong Kong among other countries.

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