Review : Nepali Movie "Zhigrana"

There are certain genre of movies which when attempted need a great effort and also are hard to present. Thriller genre tops this list. However, the attempt from the makers of Zhigrana should be appreciated. Amongst all the hindrances to make a convincing psychological thriller, the backdrop can be considered the most difficult. There must be a plot, which must not only  be believable but also the audiences should be able to relate to it. Then only the fear or mystery in the story can be built. The film makers had done this part very nicely. As a whole, Zhigrana emerges as a complete entertainer as long as you are into psychological thrillers.


Nepali Movie Zhigrana Review


The film starts to a mysterious scene in 19th century where an exorcist is shown trying to expel a devil from a possessed person. This person is a secret worshipper of "Kali" and believes in human sacrifices. The person is then hanged by the people for his practices. This incident then embarks a rumor in which the ghost of this deceased person starts killing the innocent people. The name "Kaalpanchami" is then made popular synonymous to the ghost of the person.


The film then turns to a group of social worker who led a quest to Ruku village. Due to some reason, they are then mislead to "Zhigrana", where tragedy start to befall upon them. The rest of the story is all about finding out the culprit. The beliefs of all the characters are put at a test. The mystery builds up to the last part of the movie and then thoroughly explained for all the happenings.


As a whole, "Zhigrana" is a well balanced movie. Although, this type of story is familiar among the audiences of hollywood movies, but the adaptation in Nepali context is praise worthy. All the actors had done a good work and a special hats off to Pasang Lama who had attempted such genre. His effort is clearly seen on the screen. In our point of view, this movie is a must watch for all Nepali cine lovers. 


Rating : 3 out of 5 ( had been 3.5 if more effort had been given in the background score)


-- Anudwigna


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