“November Rain” Team Not Likely to Come Apart

Nobody is friend or enemy forever---a well liked quote in politics by the same token qualifies in film circle. It is quite normal with filmmakers to be on bad terms at one time, and team up at the other. The context is of “Classic”---a movie said to be co-produced by actor Aaryan Sigdel. The film unit is now divided upon an opinion whether Sigdel should play the lead or not. “Classic” is the next venture of box—office hit “November Rain” unit. Actor Sigdel has to loosen his weight for the project whose screenplay is ready to go on floor. Sigdel who recently had his leg operation is unable to be fit any time soon, while other “Classic” members are in the mood of compelling him to burn some calories as soon as possible. Some sources close to “Classic” team even claim that teenage heartthrob Anmol KC is put forward as an alternative to Sigdel.


Core members---Aaryan Sigdel, producer Subash Giri, director Dinesh Raut and composer Tara Prakash Limbu---are said to be close to each other in both their professional and personal lives. Strong personal bond between these members doesn’t give much ground for rumors. Briefly talking with reelnepal, Director Raut said he always favored the teamwork and hoped to replicate the same in the upcoming project.


“November Rain” pair Aaryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha along with Dayahang Rai will possibly repeat in “Classic”.  Based on a story penned by Tseten Gurung, “Classic” will be scored by Tara Prakash Limbu. . The movie is scheduled to be shot from the second week of April (Baisakh next year).  

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