Karishma’s “Fagu” ends Shooting

Shooting of Karishma and Binod Manandhar---produced “Fagu” has come to an end. “Fagu” team returned to Kathmandu after 36 days of hectic shooting around Birgunj on Tuesday, March 24. Manandhar couple had previously produced “Kasturi”, “Dhukdhuki” and “Babu Saheb”.


Binod Manandhar said he found filmmaking to be much easier now, all thanks to digital technology. Karishma shared similar view on how filmmaking has changed in course of ten years. “The crew is smaller now, “she said. Karishma had hired three production managers in her previous movies, and she has none in “Fagu”. Manandhar couple has decided to release the movie in coming Teej, and if late by Dashain.


“Fagu” is directed by Samjhana Uprety Rauniyar, and features Silpa Pokhrel, Subash Parajuli, Gauri Malla and Rajesh Hamal

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