'Rajkumar Rai' appointed as Chairman of Film Development Board

Rajkumar Rai is appointed as the Chairperson of Film Development Board (FDB) of Nepal by the government on June 5, 2015. The government took about 5 months to appoint the new chairman after the end of the tenure of previous chairman, Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita.

Rai is currently the president of Producer Association of Nepal, leading the association for the second consecutive time as an elected president. Rai shared his happiness as soon as he was announced as the chairman of FDB stating, "I am very glad for the position and I will, for sure, take my responsibility very well".

Rajkumar Rai is not a new name in the Nepali Film Industry and he not only knows-what but know-how to develop the industry, all believed. He is busy receiving the congratulation from filmmakers and relatives as soon the announcement of the post.


reelnepal.com congratulate him for the successful tenure and hope he will be remember for his important  decisions and right direction for the development of Nepali Film Industry.

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