Ashirman signs up for a new movie Breakup

Aashirman Deshraj is going to play a new directorial of Hemraj B.C. "Breakup". The actor signed a contract paper with the expected payment of Rs. 15 lakhs.  Breakup will be his second movie as his first movie Gangs ter Blues is set to be released on Aug 18, 2017.

The producer of the movie Gajalu , Mr. Rohit Adhikari will produce this movie under the banner of Rohit Adhikari Films and Happy Planet Films. Deshraj and Adhikari signed a contract for the movie and finalized the payment for the actor. According to the contract Deshraj will be paid Rs. 13 lakhs as salary, 1 lakh for dress and 1 lakh will be paid after the movie hit the theater.

Watch the trailer of the upcoming movie of Aashirman "Gangster Blues" 

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