Box Office to be implemented in Nepal, Producers rejoice

After much debate on the pros and cons of it, delays and series of efforts spanning years from those involved in its implementation, Box Office will finally be implemented in Nepal. In a meeting at the Film Development Corporation (FDC), an agreement was reached between the FDC and Box Office Implementation Committee to implement the system from Shrawan 2075 BS. Nikita Poudel, FDC Chairman, and Narendra Maharjan, President of the Implementation Committee, signed the agreement. Film producers have taken this as a welcome step and say this has paved way for real commercialization of movie making in Nepal. ‘The technology will be implemented in the Kathmandu Valley after three months of tests starting Baisakh 1. In places outside the Capital, we will implement it after six months, from Magh 1 onwards’, said Maharjan. The letter issued has also directed hall owners to upgrade infrastructures like internet etc. to help the technical consultant move forward with implementation.

Producer Association President Akash Adhikari, Pradip Kumar Udaya, Kapil Parajuli and Pradip Bhattarai are members of the Box Office Implementation Committee. Adhikari had won the Producer Association presidency with a pledge to implement the system. Box Office will help bring occupancy data from all movie halls in Nepal to a centralized server making the financial aspects of film screening very transparent. Apart from aiding producers get real data, it will also help government with tax collection efforts. 


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