'Pasina' trailer launched, releasing on May 1st

Official trailer of film ‘Pasina’, starring Gaurav Pahari and Anu Shah, has been released. The film, the main theme of which is hardship faced by labors, is releasing aptly on May 1st, World Labor Day. It is a R.B. Khatri ‘Sharad’ Directorial. Shanta Dhakal and Engineer Sanjay Mahato are the Producers of the film. Ramesh M.K. Poudel is the Executive Producer of the film being made under the banner of ‘Non-Stop Creation’.

Saroj Khanal, Rabi Giri, Dhruva Koirala, Jayananda Lama etc. will accompany Pahari and Shah in the film. Rajan Raj Siwakoti, Dhiraj Rai and Deepak Sharma have provided music for the film. Deepak Sharma is the editor. Shiva B.K. is the choreographer and Dev Maharjan is the stunt coordinator. 

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