Producers mulling 'Kri' sequel; Anmol likely to star again

Sequels are a new thing in Nepali cinema and were almost unheard of in the industry a few years back. Filmmakers are trying their luck with sequels of late with follow ups to oldies ‘Kusume Rumal’ and ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’ being made while new films like ‘Chakka Panja’, ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ and ‘Dhoom’ were also stretched beyond a single movie recently.

When the prospect of a follow up was inquired with the production team of ‘Kri’ in a recent program, which marked the week’s run of the movie, producer Subash Giri said all doors are open. ‘There is high possibility that the sequel of Kri will be made. We had envisioned it while writing the story of the current part’, said Giri. He added that the possible sequel will chart the struggle and life events of a soldier in the British Army. He further went on to say,” I have not had enough of working with Anmol. I want to do more films with him and other young guns of the industry”.

It is worth mentioning that Giri’s next project is a period drama ‘Bhairavi’, where he is working with another bright young talent of the industry – Pradeep Khadka. The film will be directed by Dinesh Raut and will be shot in specially constructed sets in Benaras. Insiders say Giri is breaking his own record (Kri) of the ‘costliest film in industry’ with ‘Bhairavi’.

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