Prashant Tamrakar to play bad boy in 'Ranveer'

Prashant Tamrakar, who awed everybody with his negative role in the recent release ‘Aishwarya’, is getting offers after offer from K-town producers, who want to rope in the flamboyant actor to their projects. Much to the chagrin of the producers the actor has revealed that he will only do one film at a time. While most producers are wondering if they will get to cast him in their movies, team ‘Ranveer’ has come forth with the announcement that Tamrakar will indeed be a part of their project. ‘It’s a done deal’, said ‘Ranveer’ producer Goma Bista Thapa. People in know-how of the developments say ‘Ranveer’ was the reason Tamrakar recently decided to quit the much delayed ‘Rani Mahal’.

Govinda Singh Bhandari will direct the action, comedy and romance drama; which will go on floor from 19th of February. Sushil Sitaula will play the protagonist ‘Ranvir’ and will be accompanied by Subeksha Khadka, Supuspa Bhatta, Tika Pahari and Ravi Giri apart from Tamrakar. “The main character has been beautifully created. Ranvir is a strong willed and a bold character. We chose to cast Sushil as the main protagonist because he is a perfect match for the role”, said Bhandari. Tamrakar said he is satisfied with his role despite not playing the titular role. “ I chose to do the film because I fell in love with my character. The movie will be special”, said Tamrakar.

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