Salon and Sara's 'Sushree Sampati' shooting starts in Pokhara

Salon Basnet and Sara Shirpali starrer ‘Sushree Sampati’ has gone on floors. The shooting of the movie, directed by journalist Subrat Acharya, has started in Pokhara. The film crew marked the occasion (subha muhurta) by organising Puja Ceremony at the Bindhabasini Temple on Tuesday. ‘One song will be shot in Kathmandu while the rest of the movie will be shot here in Pokhara’, said director Acharya.

Priyanka Karki is featuring in a special cameo while other casts include Binod Neupane, Pramod Agrahari, Rajaram Poudel, Bisharad Basnet, Sunita Shrestha Thakuri etc. Acharya himself has written the story for the film, Suresh Adhikari is the composer and lyricist, Kabiraj Gahatraj is the choreographer, Bharat Regmi is the editor and Arjun Tiwari is the cinematographer of the project. The story of the film will reportedly revolve around a girl raised with a silver spoon and will focus on the love drama she becomes a part of.

Bigyan Rai, Namal Subba and Raman Silakar are the producers of the film presented by Ramesh Twayana. The production team are targeting next year’s Teej festival release for the film.

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