Director Dayaram Dahal turns into a poet

Renowned director Dayaram Dahal has added a new feather to his professional cap - this time that of a poet. Dahal, who had long contributed as story and song writer, unveiled his new poem collection ‘Sabda Sangram’ amidst a function in the capital on Friday. Minister of Defence Ishwor Pokharel, ‘Century-Person’ and a living legend of Nepali culture Satya Mohan Joshi, writer Rochak Ghimire and Actor Nikhil Upreti jointly presented the book to the public.

Dikura Publications has published the 150 page book that includes poems relating to events from Dahal’s initial days in the industry to present. Minister Pokharel said the book and the poems within are not only relatable to filmmakers but also to politicians and the general public. Rochak Ghimire, Dr. Krishna Hari Baral etc. praised the book as being a must read.


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