'Changa Jastai'; new song from 'Black' released

A new song from Aakash Shrestha and Aanchal Sharma starrer ‘Black’ has been released. The song is titled ‘Changa Jastai’ and is written, composed and sang by Pratik Poudel. Actor Shrestha said the film portrays the feelings of the young generation. ‘The song also tries to reflect on the film’s mood and theme’, said Shrestha. ‘I was readily attracted by the plot which I think will be especially loved by the youths’, he added. Ramji Lamichhane has choreographed the song.

The film is being directed by Pradeep Shrestha who is making a directorial comeback after a period of 4 years. Speaking at the function organised to mark the song’s release, producer Asma Pandey also expressed optimism at the film’s prospect. Maunata Shrestha is the film’s writer, Ram Sharan Upreti is the cinematographer and Arjun GC is the editor.

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