UB Banners announce 'Bhimsen' with mostly new faces

A mix of comedy, love and action - film ‘Bhimsen’ has been announced by UB Films. Bhoman Katuwal will direct the film that will be the third presentation of the banner. In a program organised at the capital on Tuesday, the production team unveiled the star cast and major crew members of the film. Producer Association President Akash Adhikari and Distributor/Producer Gopal Kaji Kayastha among other guests gave best wishes to the team during the program.

Sangit Baniya, Konika Ghimire, Yadav Devkota, Raju Comedy, Rajan Maharjan etc. make up the mostly new star cast of the film.

The film will be shot mostly around Kathmandu. Raju Kirati Rai is the film’s stunt coordinator, Rajan Dhungel is the story writer, Puskar Sunuwar is the composer, Pawan Gautam is the cinematographer and Anil Maharjan is the editor of the film.


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