Song 'Dhikke Phuli' from comedy film 'Barha Mase' released

Song ‘Dhikke Phuli’ from Jayakishan Basnet and Pujana Pradhan starrer ‘Barha Mase’ has been released. Arjun Pokhrel has provided music, Sagar Pokharel has written the lyrics and Krishna Pandey has given voice to the song. The song features the lead actors Basnet and Pradhan in romantic mood.

The film is directed by Laya Sangraula and produced by Pradip Pathak. Pathak is also the film’s storywriter. The film is a comedy drama and features Marich Man Shrestha, Puran Thapa, Sonika Bastola, Sabnam Dahal, Radha Shrestha, Pradip Pathak etc. apart from Basnet and Pradhan. The film is scheduled for May 25 release.

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