Salinman Baniya signs for Keshav Bhattarai's 'Yatra'

Actor Salinman Baniya, who was widely praised for his role in his first film ‘Ye Mero Hajur 2’, is back to silver screen. The actor has signed for producer and actor Keshav Bhattarai’s upcoming film ‘Yatra: A Musical Vlog’. Baniya was offered numerous roles by many producers after his debut success but he had refrained from signing to a project till now. The making of the film was announced at a program in the capital on Monday. New actress Mallika Mahat will be screened opposite Baniya in the film.

The film is being directed by Samrat Shakya, who has also written the story of the film. Mukti Timilsina, Madhu Chhetri and Dharmaraj Adhikari are the co-producers of the film. Salon Basnet, Janhavi Banet, Rehar Rai, Preksha Bajracharya, Bishal Katuwal, Dhiren Shakya and Rajaram Poudel are among the film’s actors. Salin said he signed for the movie because of the script. ‘ I will work harder for it than I did on my first movie’, he added. The film is scheduled for a September 21 release.

Baniya will play a popular vlogger in the film who uploads videos of social causes to YouTube. It is understood that he has received a handsome amount for playing the film. The production team however refused to share the details.

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