'Captain' shooting begins; Anmol KC to play footballer

The shooting of Anmol KC starrer ‘Captain’ has started from Sunday. KC is playing a footballer in the film which is being produced by his father Bhuwan KC. Priyanka MV and Upasana Singh Thakuri will star opposite KC in the Diwakar Bhattarai directorial. The film will tell the story of the struggle of a football player.

The shooting of the film is taking place in Ilam where the ‘Mai Valley Gold Cup’ football tournament is currently running. The production team have used the tournament setting and some real players from the competition for the film shooting. Saroj Khanal is playing KC’s team captain in the film. The duo have started shooting after four months of football related preparation and training. A recent photo from the shooting, where Anmol is wearing a football shirt, has gone viral in social media.

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