Dancing number 'Timro Lagi Ma Chu', first song of 'Ramkahani', released

The first song of upcoming film ‘Ramkahani’ has been released. Lead actors Akash Shrestha and Puja Sharma are seen in romantic mood in this dance number. Kedar Ghimire (Magne Buda), Jitu Nepal and  and Wilson Bikram Rai are also featured in the song titled ‘Timro Lagi Ma Chu’. The song was released in a program at the Capital on Monday at the presence of film cast and crew. The film is releasing on 7th of September, the birthday of actress Sharma.

Sugam Pokharel and Anju Panta have provided voice for the song while Arjun Pokharel is the song’s writer and composer. Maharaj Thapa is the song’s arranger. The choreography of the song has been done by Kabiraj Gahatraj. Speaking at the occasion, director and writer of the film, Sudarshan Thapa, said, ‘This film is a bit different from my past projects. This is a romantic comedy. I am confident the audience will love it’. Actress Sharma and director Thapa are jointly producing the film.

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