New song 'Timilai Bhulera' from upcoming 'Lamphoo' announced

New song ‘Timilai Bhulera’ from upcoming movie ‘Lamphoo’ has been released. The song features actors Kabir Khadka and Mariska Pokharel. Arjun Pokharel has provided music for the song, Yubaraj Sapkota has written the lyrics and the vocals is by Pramod Kharel. Gopal Chandra Lamichhane is the director of the film, which is releasing on 11th of May.

The film focuses on the ups and down in the life of a youth. ‘The film shows that a person can be both a hero and a villain depending upon the circumstances’, said director Lamichhane. The film is being made under the banner of ‘Popular Multimedia’. Shakti Ballav Ghorasaini is the producer of the film. Bhupati is the film’s writer, Deepak Bajracharya is the cinematographer and Hari Silwal is the editor. Kusum Shrestha aka Tarkariwali, Chandani Sharma and Salon Basnet are the other actors in the film apart from Khadka and Pokharel.

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