Film 'Premalaya' and 'Rumani' annouced; to be shot in Australia

Film ‘Premalaya’ has been announced with model Nirajan Pradhan and actress Mariska Pokharel in lead roles. The film will be directed by Kumar Shah. Major cast and crew along with production team members gathered for a program at the Capital on Thursday to mark the announcement of the movie. The shooting of the film will start in two weeks time and will be done in Nepal and Australia. Sunny Dhakal, Dr. Surya Thapa, Rabindra Jha, Daman Pun etc. are other actors in the movie.

The film will focus on the trend of taking one’s parents abroad for the take care of newborn child. It is common among Nepalese living abroad to invite their parents to live with them for a few months when they have a new child. The film will be made on the banner of SK SquareProduction and A Plus Entertainment. The story of the film is written by Kiran Michael. Rajan Raj Shivakoti and Kalyan Singh will compose the songs.

Another movie ‘Rumani’ was also announced by the ‘Premalaya’ production team on the same occasion. Manoj Adhikari will direct the film which will focus on the strained relationship between a husband who is abroad and his wife in Nepal. The film will revolve around the wife’s struggle to get her husband back. Only Sunny Dhakal has been finalised as the film’s cast. Other actors for the film, the shooting of which will also take part in Australia, will be announced soon.


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