'Jhamak Bahadur' trailer released; meets criticism for copying 'Mumbai Express'

The trailer of upcoming film ‘Jhamak Bahadur’, which was made public on Monday, has met with immediate criticism for copying South Indian film ‘Mumbai Express’. The controversy has come at a time when the news of a recent film, Keki Adhikari’s ‘Kohalpur Express’, copying the same movie is still hot. The trailer of ‘Jhamak Bahadur’ makes it clear that this movie will also be a copy of Kamal Hasan’s ‘Mumbai Express’. Anup Bikram Shahi is in the role portrayed by Hasan in ‘Jhamak Bahadur’.

The film is directed by Bhoman Katuwal. Yadav Devkota, Raju Comedy, Sujata Thapa, Minkumar Tamang etc. make up the cast of the film alongside Shahi. The film is being made under the banner of ‘Yuvi Films’ and ‘Diyalo Entertainment’. Raju Kirant is the stunt coordinator, Anil Kumar Maharjan is the editor, director Katuwal has written the screenplay and Kalyan Adhikari has written the story of the film. Min Kumar Tamang is the producer of the film which is releasing on 3rd of August.

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