Producers Association and Hall owner come to agreement, strike cancelled

Nepal Film Producers Association and Nepal Film Association, the latter of which is an umbrella association of cinema hall owners in Nepal, have reached an agreement regarding their existing differences. Producers Association had earlier threatened to go on a strike starting 15th of May if the hall owners did not comply to their demands of fair distribution of earning. The representatives of two parties signed a memorandum of understanding on Sunday which lines out a new deal.

According to the new deal, the earning in single screen theatres will be shared on a 50-50 basis between producers and hall owners for the entire period of a film screening. In multiplexes, producers will receive 50% of earning in the first week, 45% in the second week, 40% in the third week and 35% in the fourth week. Currently producers  are receiving 50% on first week, 42% on second week, 37% on third week and 30% on fourth week. The new deal also allows producers to show trailers before the movie and during the break for 15 days without any cost. Producers will also be able to keep posters and display boards in theatre premises without any cost. Moreover, hall owners will now be able to distribute passes only in consultation with producers.


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