Prashant Tamrakar’s ‘Ranveer’ set for November 30 release

The release date of ‘Ranveer’, featuring actor Prashant Tamrakar in a negative role, has been announced. The film will release on 30th of November. Sushil Sitaula is accompanying Tamrakar in the movie. The shooting of the action, thriller and suspense drama has been nearly completed. Only two songs of the film remain to be shot. Post production works of the film has also been nearly completed.

Harihar Sharma, Naresh Podel, Tika Pahari, Ravi Giri, Jiwan Bhattarai, Basanti Bhatta are among other actors in the film. Subeksha Khadka and Sususpa Bhatta are making their debut with this film. Dipendra Regmi and Goma Bista, who recently produced ‘Gaja Baja’, are producing the film. The film will focus on the struggle of educated youths.


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