Digital Cinema Color Workshop - Explore the world’s most advanced color corrector

A 5 days Digital Cinema Color Workshop is going to be held from July 6, 2014 at Kathmandu. The workshop is aimed at anyone interested in color correction, either as a colorist or as a filmmaker working with a colorist. Sudip Shrestha, one of the most renowned and experienced colorist of Nepali Movie Industry is the trainer of the workshop.



Over the past decade color grading has evolved from the very linear telecine process to the very flexible non-linear DI workflows of today. A skilled colorist maintains continuity by matching shots, but also enhances the work of the cinematographer. Color grading is a fantastic production value.


 “The workshop will be a wonderful insight to anyone who has ever thought about grading, but not had the opportunity to explore its potential” says Sudip Shrestha. Participants will learn interface and application of DaVinci Resolve, the world’s most advanced grading tool during the workshop.


For sure this kind of workshop will upgrade the technical aspect of Nepali Movie Industry. Anyone interested can give a call to the trainer at 9851016377. 

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